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01/03/2013 at 20:20

Opposing this shabby compromise


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Just say NO!

“It appears that West Yorkshire Police don’t quite get it, do they?

Though perhaps “compromise” has a different meaning among that particular police force. It wasn’t just about the ticket allocation, as dismal as that was. It wasn’t purely the inconvenience of having to travel from Hull, irrespective of where you live. It was the principle of being compelled to travel in a particular way in order to watch a football match.

Perhaps they don’t have principles at West Yorkshire Police. But we do. And Hull City supporters being given a miserable 200 extra tickets and being told we must – repeat, MUST – travel from a different part of the country is every bit as offensive; arguably more so, given that this is laughably being termed a “compromise” after WYP have (quote) “listened carefully to the concerns of fans”.

That is patently not true, for any genuine listening exercise would have established the idiocy of the prior arrangements and seen it reversed in full. Quite how replacing one insult with a slightly different one is progress or evidence of a compromise escapes most people, and it’s disappointing to hear those who should know better lauding as such. The Football Supporters’ Federation supplied over 120 e-mails explaining this to them. But it is clear that in the hopelessly misguided view of West Yorkshire Police, City fans remain (contrary to all available evidence) a risk to public order and a menace when in drink. That view of us is, frankly, a disgrace.

We sympathise with Huddersfield Town and its supporters, who through no fault of their own find themselves with draconian measures that rob the club of vital revenue and deprive its fans of the best possible derby atmosphere.

We are disappointed that Hull City AFC have again been asked to accept these restrictions and the offensive slur upon the Club's fans the request carries. 'This is not the ideal solution for the club or its fans' is Hull City Football Club's reaction to the revised transport arrangements for the Huddersfield Town v Hull City Championship fixture on 30 March.

Amber Nectar, City Independent, the Hull City Official Supporters’ Club and the Hull City Southern Supporters Club agree whole heartedly with the football club and reject the latest concessions offered by the West Yorkshire Police (WYP). We implore West Yorkshire Police to see sense and drop these travel restrictions, increase the allocation to a full 4,000 and remove the unnecessary Category C+ labelling of this match and make it a category A fixture.

And again, we jointly request that the club refuses to accept an allocation of tickets unless these restrictions are lifted – and we recommend that all supporters who share our disapproval of these contemptible measures decline to attend the game. We are fans, not criminals, and we should not put up with this.”


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