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13/05/2018 at 09:43


NEWS: Trust in me. Trust in you.

The season is over. A miserable one at that. Indeed, the only positive to come from this entire Allam-led shambles was; the fact Hull City didn't suffer getting relegated for the second season running, labouring to a shabby 18th place in the Championship table. And let's be honest, it was one of the poorest divisions, any City fans could remember at this level. 

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Join the HCST and tackle the club

It is apparently evident, a mere fraction of investment by the Allams, from the vast Premier League parachute payments, could've provided a fair push for the play-offs this year. But no. Instead, the owners of the club selfishly squirrelled away all the lucre for their own interests and benefits - and left Hull City AFC withering on the vine.

Players worth a modicum of value were sold off, no meaningful transfer activity was forthcoming - and as is now customary with the Allams - what little did emerge, arrived in a bargain basement trolley-dash during the last two days of the window. Fans had already had a belly full of this nonsense for the past two seasons, meaning the few remaining fans going, as mere gluttons for punishment.

And why were the crowds dwindling? Nonsense with the name, the removal of concessions and the provocative and divisive stance towards the fans has forced thousands, upon thousands away from what was once, a vibrant, bright and buoyant club. There is absolutely nothing to entice Hull City fans back under the Allams. This in itself is blatant negligence, seemingly accepted by the EFL.

Instead, the sparse few still going - and more tellingly the many thousands that are not - have been left utterly frustrated with the Allams. Bewildered at their ownership and direction. Baffled by their constant broken promises and legacy leaving. Withered by their constant and bitter propaganda that serves to wantonly pit fans versus fans, apparently for their own bizarre amusement.

Well, enough has to be enough. Where can you go to unburden this frustration with the Allams? What can you do, that will have a positive impact on Hull City AFC? Who can you turn to, to support your cause, backed by national organisations such as the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct? Indeed, WHEN can you do something about it? The answer is here and NOW.

Join the Hull City Supporters Trust. Join today. Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW. Only the Trust has national bodies backing the many gripes Hull City fans have with their owners - and are in YOUR corner. The HCST have a line into the EFL for your benefit. The Trust have a constitution that deems the club MUST engage in formal communication with the club, that Hull City AFC are obligated to adhere to.

So, if you're frustrated with Allams, the lack of concessions, an unfair membership scheme, baron communication, empty promises, constant heel-dragging, contradictions, lies, misery and the plain old loving feeling lost for Hull City AFC, then you now know what you can do during the close-season. Join the Hull City Supporters Trust by clicking here!

Do it NOW. 

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